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Horizontal Split Pump Repair

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  • These pumps have a double suction impeller which gives better Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) and lower axial thrust. Pump has two seals, both sealing suction pressure.


  • Typically used in higher flow rate applications than end suction pumps. Used for plant make up water, cooling water, potable water distribution, fire pumps, pipelines and other main process flows.

Recommended Media

  • Used for relatively thin liquids with no solids.


  • Permit much higher flow rates than end suction pumps. The double suction impeller has no axial thrust loads, and less likely to cavitate.

Alyan Pump split case pump repair services:

  • Onsite inspection and troubleshooting
  • Pump removal if necessary
  • Ability to disassemble and inspect
  • Shaft precision and Impeller balancing
  • Wear ring replacement
  • Cleaning
  • Motor analysis and repairs
  • Reassembly
  • Delivery and installation